Monday, April 30, 2018

Christmas in a cup...I don't think wrapping paper smells very good, but hey, that's just me.

Howdy y'all!

I hope he moved before the lightning struck him.
Monday we had an awesome lesson with David!  We taught the plan of salvation and the spirit was so strong!  He told us how he knew the church is true and it was marvelous!  He wrote down a word before church on Sunday and it was actually one of the topics spoke about in sacrament!  So he knew then and there and he is going to be baptized on Saturday!  Prayers are going to be much needed for him and us.

Tuesday was a ton of finding.  The Spanish elders, Elder Brinkerhoff (from Cedar City) and Elder Padilla, drove us with them and we went finding in those areas.  We met a few awesome people!  A guy named Ivan even called his cousin, who is a trucker, and had us talk to him and set an appointment with them!  We found a weird, random trail and took some pics in it.  You're welcome mom!  We got in contact with an investigator who used to have a baptismal date but when he told us to come back, he couldn't we set another appointment on Saturday.  We went to dinner with the Thaxtons at Larrys pizza.  For some reason, Elder Robinson loves this pickle pizza thing.  It's pickles with ranch as the sauce and cheese.  I about threw up at the scent, but hey, to each his own haha.

Member love!
Wednesday we had a lesson with David on the Word of Wisdom and it was great!  We had Book of mormon class and it was good! 

Thursday we had Zone Conference and it was a throw down!  We basically had a Zone heart to heart on how we are going to better ourselves as a mission to be the most obedient mission in the world.  Elder Parks had a SUPER powerful testimony on the need of love for one another.  For the record, Elder Edwards and I called him being an AP in like October of 2016.  It was super powerful though.  We came home and went out with Paul and he took us for ice cream before it was time to go in.

Friday we went out to lunch with the Spanish elders again at a members house.  We had a drink that was literally Christmas in a cup.  I'll try to explain it.  It is made from purple corn (it's a Latino thing) and y'all know that smell when you open up all your Christmas decorations?  Or I guess like the smell of hobby lobby or Michael's?  Well it tasted like that!  It was so good!!!  She gave us some cause you can only get it in Mexico and she imports it haha.  We then went out to with them to see RM Keller cause they didn't have time to drop us off at home.  It was great even though everyone in there besides Elder Robinson, Sister Kellers mom and I spoke Spanish.  They talked and set an appointment with a former.  We then went to dinner with Sister Glazier and then went to an orientation for this fire alarm installing thing.  It's a service project that the Red Cross is doing!  It was great.  Then I got super trunky cause they were playin some dang good music and made us burgers.

Blues Brothers? They are on a mission...
Saturday we went out for the Arkansas Sound the Alarm with the Red Cross.  We put in smoke alarms in houses and it was great!  We got to ride in a fire engine like all day haha.  We talked to a couple of them and one owns land and cows, so Elder Robinson and him talked a lot.  I asked about firefighting as a career and they all love it and talked it yeah I'm back in my predicament about my life, but it's whatever haha.  When we got back, we went out with Paul and no one answered the door.  We did though get in contact with Ivan and got all his contact info!  So we're calling him soon to set up an appointment.  Paul took us to eat to end off.

Before the spiders...
Sunday was amazing!  We had a great church experience and I got the chance to talk to a new ward missionary who just got back from college at BYUI.  Well guess who this dude knows?  The one and only Shane Hill haha.  It was great to talk and get to know him.  He is starting his mission papers.  I got to see Paula!!  That's always a wonderful experience!  She brought the Hot Springs sisters.  During dinner before the tribute, we went to eat dinner at the apartment where we got to watch a rad game of chess between Elders Robinson and Giles.  Giles is easily one of the funniest human beings I have met.  The devotional was pretty good!  I missed a couple words in "The Living Christ" as I recited it, but in all it wasn't too bad!  Thank goodness for the Spirit cause I ain't too good at memorization!  Paul took us out afterwards and we had a feeling to go see David as we talked about missionary work (Paul is fillin in as ward mission leader).  He is doing great!  He was going to bed cause work kicked his butt, but he is excited still for Saturday!  We just have to teach him a couple more lessons and he's all set!  We're super excited for this week!!  We just felt the spirit tell us that he is ready once all is taught. 

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

And they're out!

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