Monday, June 4, 2018

Sometimes the work in "the field" is more physical than you'd think.

A watched pancake never boils...I may have that wrong.
Howdy y’all!

Monday Lukas got baptized!  That was fun to be a part of!

Tuesday we had district meeting and then we helped Sister Jones unpack the truck at her new house!  It was so hot.  We had a ton of missionaries there though so it wasn’t too bad.  Although getting the elliptical up the stairs about killed us.  It didn’t fit into the hallway so we just dragged it into a room.  My shoulder is still nice and tender.  She got us pizza and we ate and then got a call that we had to be at the church because a sister was there alone in the family history center and needed priesthood.  So we went and the ZL’s did the zone leader thing where they put in key indicators and then had to make some calls.  We got back home and then went to basketball.  Elder Paupau and I exchanged.

Wednesday we drove to the store and got Hermana Orr a cake cause it was her birthday and then we brought it to Spanish’s district meeting.
We had a surprise party and left for studies.  We went to visit a referral named Kimberly and she was great!  We had a great first lesson and she took the Book of Mormon quicker than a cat runs from a rocking chair (Dad edit: I swear if he talks like this when he gets home I am staging an intervention!).  We also finally got in contact with a potential named Jabari.  He’s super nice and we set a return appointment for tomorrow!  We got back to the apartment cause it was hotter than Lucifer’s lair outside.  We ate and then drove to Book of Mormon class.  We exchanged back and had a correlation with Brother Bailey.

Hello, I mustache you a question.
Thursday was good.  Christian came to the church with us to teach Brad, but he never showed up.  We had to fix Hermana Orr’s bike as well.  It was us and the Spanish District and the sisters.  So we got the pod all done pretty quick and then came home to get ready for dinner with the Longneckers.  It was a great dinner and they have a sister who lives in Layton!  Off of Gentile. Crazy!  We then tried Marcus but he wasn’t home.

Friday was rough and tough.  We went to help finish the move with Sister Jones, but there was a catch, it was just the Sisters, the Hermana’s and us.  We had to go to the old house to move the washer, dryer, and a HUGE fridge. Like, a $10,000 Viking fridge.  There was also some smaller stuff, but they had a trailer for us to put it all on.  Let me start by saying my back is shot from the awkwardness of these things.  We took off every door the washer and dryer went through and had to lug them up and down steps haha.  Them things was not light (Dad edit: someone please help me...grammar police, I am calling 911!).  There was a couple close calls and I got my finger sliced open by a chair on Tuesday so It was super sore.  It’s crazy how much you need your middle finger when lifting things.  It ain’t just for road rage!  But we got everything all sorted out and the move was DONE!  We were so sweaty and hot and tired, but it’s done.  She got us Wendy’s and I’ve never eaten a baconator meal so fast in my life haha.  We went home showered and slept.

Where there is a will, there is a way.
Saturday we went out with Paul and boy did we get work done.  We got appointments with like 8 people this week and met a couple really cool people.  We met a woman named Sparkle.  We ain’t sure if that’s her street name or government name...but she was super nice!  We went back later that evening cause she said it would be better and started with the restoration, but didn’t really start haha.  Right as we started to teach, something happened with their family and we left.  But it was a great day!

Sunday we had a great church meeting.  We tried to see Sparkle but they were busy so we gave them our card to call us.  Kimberly wasn’t home and neither was we broke our fast with Paul and finished the night.

So it’s been a hectic week and I’m ready for P-day haha.  I’m tired, sore and ready for a nap.  I hope y’all week went splendidly and I love all of y’all!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild
Freedom...proved by the shirt
Shameless selfie

Cars ride by with the boomin' systems

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