Tuesday, June 12, 2018

When the AC goes out...powder is needed more than usual.

Howdy y’all!

Tuesday we actually set up an appointment an had to drive out of our area to teach him.  His name is Edward and he is so cool!  We taught a super great restoration and he ate it up!  We had it at a park and afterward, he set up a return appointment and we told him we would get in contact with the Elders in the area.  Turns out, the Elders are Elders Sammons and Dawson!  Afterwards, we drove home and had studies and Ethan Henderson took us out to teach and lunch.  No one was home...but we had great conversation.  So apparently, Elders in Idaho are...subpar haha.  But hey, no judgement, I know the ALRM is the best in the world, it’s hard to compare.  We tried some people but no one answered.  We then went with Paul to the bishops house, the Warner’s, for their daughters mission call opening!  She’s going to Gilbert, Arizona!  Just as dope as can be!

Adair/Pickering love fest.
Wednesday we found a new investigator named Jabari.  He has been meeting with missionaries, or just talking, for 7 or so years.  We believe Satan knows he is ready cause every time he tried to go to church, something happened, like his tire would pop, or he’s got a random call to work.  He asked us one question, that was where in the Bible does it talk about the Book of Mormon?  Well, there’s a few (Isaiah 29, Ezekiel 37, John 10:16, Psalms 85:11-13).  We also told him about ether when he brought up the Tower of Babel (long story).  It went super great and he was thinking!  We then taught some dudes who was not exactly in the right mind due to some recreational activities prior to our visit.  We tricked a few other people. We then had a super great lesson on keepin the sabbath day holy with a less active family named the Took’s!  We set up the appointment the day prior, but Sister Tooks was gonna just tell us to go away, but something told her not to.  She was so upbeat and happy by the time we left!  It was great!  We’re tying to get them active so the son, Treshawn, can go on a mission.  We had Book of Mormon class and dinner afterwards.

Thursday I had some BOMB studies.  We went to the food pantry and then studied and went to the store for some things.  We went to the Warner’s for dinner and talked about Gilbert and Sister Warner gave us a referral for a lady who speaks Korean!  So today I’m gonna get a hold of Renee and see if he can Skype in for lessons!  I asked President if dad could Skype in, but he said that was too close to home.

Friday we had zone Conference and it was great!  Elder Perkins from the 70 came to tour the mission and he came with Elder Johnson, an area 70.  They’re super awesome and powerful!

Saturday we went again to the food pantry with the North Little Rock ward.  It was pretty awesome!  A sister took all the missionaries there out to lunch at a Chinese buffet.  Wasn’t great...but hey, it was a kind gesture!  Then we had to give a Sister a blessing and while at the church, we talked to Brother Oistad for a bit bout his mission. He had some pretty awesome stories!  We got a hold of Markus finally.  He is out of town for the month so we are going to call him weekly.  We told him about the Book of Mormon app and he downloaded it so we hope he reads everyday like we invited him to.  We also got a hold of Kimberly and set up an appointment for Sunday.  We had dinner and went to stake conference.  It was great!

Sunday was conference and it was great!  That lady Sister Warner gave us to teach came!  She is so nice and we have an appointment for tonight! I was able to see a ton of people from Glenwood and Hot Springs!   Paula Braxton’s husband, Kelly, gave a WONDERFUL talk!  Also, Christian Morales was a stud and in his talk told the stake to feed missionaries haha.  Talk about magnifying your calling.  We went out with Paul and saw a guy named Cedric.  We stressed the importance of reading the Book of Mormon and prayer and we hope he understood.  No one else answered.  Not even Kimberly.  We came home and studied and went to dinner with Sister Bernal and her kids, Christian and Ruby Morales.  Christian is the kid going to Tempe.  It was a wonderful dinner and Sister Bernal asked me to visit Christian and I agreed, so it looks like I’m taking a trip to Arizona!

So funny stories I forgot to put in last weeks letter, I got athletes foot and it sucked for a couple days, but I have it under control now.  Also, we didn’t have AC for 3 days.  It’s fixed now, but holy cow there was a night where I legit got 15 minutes of sleep total!   Prayers for any missionaries so,where without it cause it was 90 degrees in the apartment at one point.  Also, this week for another curse added to Elder Adair, I have some heat rashes and I ITCH!  I’ll send a pic Elder Roberts took of me baptizing myself in gold bond so I don’t rip my skin off.  So yeah, the mission is going great!  What a final stretch!  I hope y’all are more comfortable than I am and are having a stellar week!

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