Thursday, October 20, 2016

A new member of the trio, storms, football, and bounty hunters...THESE HANDS! (Mike Bleak, you know what he's talking about)

Hey how it do?!

A good look for Kai.
What's up guys?!  This week was pretty cool.  First off, I was able to go to the temple and get a new companion!  Elder Moosman served his 2 years and is now currently going about on his homecoming trip with his mom.  He's doing great!  My new companion is Elder Thornton and he's super cool!  He penny boards and turns out he has the aa,e one as me back at his home in St. George!  Me and him have similar taste in music and we have same sense of humor!  We're both still with Elder Edwards and still in Memphis 2nd West.  

We had a huge storm this week and we had a set appointment which was 20 or so minutes away on bike, so we bucked up and rode he pouring rain.  You see, it would have been a great experience...of the investigator was home...yup.  He wasn't home haha.  We rode 20 minutes and got soaked for nothing.  We now know to stay inside in storms and contact the referrals haha.  We also had the chance to ball up and entire neighborhood in football!  It started off with a few kids who wanted to play with us and when we scored, 3 older guys came in, and when we beat THEM, more guys came haha.  One guy kept getting riled up and mad cause we kept killing them, and when 3 white boys in church clothes start balling up adults, it pissed him off more haha.  It was great though!  The spectators kept yelling "how you letting them score?!" "They're in church shoes!!" "They white boy's!"  It was so freaking awesome.  

Oh and while playing I ripped my grey pants on the knee...ill send a pic of the aftermath.  I also got the chance to run over a squirrel on accident.  It was on a tree as I was riding my bike and I barked at it cause why not.  It then hopped off the tree and across the sidewalk and right under my tire haha.  I thought I killed it but my comps told me it ran away...broken I'm sure haha but it lived.  We died laughing afterwards.

Anything to make his mom fret.
The members here are horrible with missionary work and we couldn't get anyone to come with us teaching.  We got one guy, an RM named Dylan who's the ward mission leaders brother.  He came with us and we were able to give a blessing to a less active and she told us she wanted to feed us sometime.  Which was music to our ears because we had 1 lunch planned for the month...the Spanish branch president has fed us more than any of our members, besides one.  He's so cool and wants me to Zebra haha (zebra is when you teach English and Spanish).  He says I have "beautiful Spanish accents" so maybe it could happen haha.  We got together with the Spanish elders while we were there and played guitar and sang again!  I love going over there!  Elder Barron (a
Spanish elder) and I have become great friends!  I love that kid! He's from Thatcher, AZ so the Arizona boys are back together haha. 

Donya' (one of our dates, shes a single mom with e CUTEST little girl) wasn't able to make it to church but she texts us daily about her reading.  We weren't able to see her this week due to walk week and she lives farther out, but we're seeing her tomorrow!  Anne has been super busy with school and Charleston (her son) so she couldn't come either.  We had to push both of their dates back.  But we're keeping on!

THESE HANDS!!  These hands have been worked so hard!  It's been over 2 months and these hands have been worked to their core!  Dad will understand this sentence so I hope he gets a laugh from it.  But I'm not kidding. The work here is tough.  We are trying to come up with ways to get members psyched about missionary work so I'm thinking of doing a pancake night here!  I don't know how well it will go but oh well!  I'll try!

Yesterday we got protection by a hired security guard who's also a bounty hunter in this neighborhood we were in.  It was awesome!  We have seen him guarding another place so we talked with him a bit and next time we see him (I have a feeling it will be soon) were gonna try to get lessons with him haha.  He's this big guy with a bulletproof vest and packs an AR-15 and 1911 it's dope.

Kings Do King Things

Elder Co-Driver Trainee Junior Companion "AP Bound" Kai Adair

Three bad brothers you know so well...
A facial? Oh brother...

New temple attire...apparently.

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