Thursday, October 27, 2016

Jesus, guns, shared germs, and a little whining - just another week in the mission field!

I'm not even sure what is going on here.
Hey guys!  This week was crazy!  We got a referral and we went to see him and he was a nut job.  Totally bat-Ship crazy!  He insisted Jesus was black and wouldn't let us talk when we proved to him he wasn't haha.  Then he went on about Sampson or something and following orders from people or dying and then he asked elder Edwards if he would rather hit an innocent guy across the street or be shot and he said be shot and the crazy guy (who can barely walk or talk clearly) went around asking people for a gun to test out the situation and everyone laughed at him and wouldn't give him one and elder Thornton was talking in my ear "oh crap were gonna die" and elder 

Edwards and I were too busy laughing and told the guy God bless him and we started walking to the car.  When we got in elder Edwards and I were crying because we were laughing so hard!!  Imagine right now.  A mumbling
60-70 yr old who's kind of cross eyed and looks like a skeleton, running around the street asking for a gun to show 3 white kids in church clothes a point.  I was too busy laughing and being entertained to be scared!  It may not sound like it, but I know I felt safe because of our savior.  Yeah, he wasn't much of a threat because it wouldn't be hard to disarm and walk away from the guy, but the fact that our lives were, in theory, in danger, and I wasn't scared at all kind of amazes me.  
Potatoes and fries...because starch.

The first time I was threatened I immediately wanted to cry and ran to the car. It's just great to see the change when I get lost in the work.  Then we were driving to an appointment and passed a park with bouncy houses and stuff.  We kept driving thinking nothing of it and our appointment fell through.  So we drove back and elder Thornton said hey lets go see what's going on and shoot some hoops, so we all agreed and went.  We played ball with some kids, beat them and gave them cards and stuff and then as we were walking back the adults started talking to us and they were doing something to help the kids in the area.  It's called sidewalk school and they come every in the summer and once in the fall and winter.  They feed the kids and give out coats for the winter! It's great what they do and they told us to stay and play with the kids because many of them don't have father figures or men in their lives.  We played with them and let me tell you do these kids have the worst language I've heard.  They're 9-12 dropping the F bomb, trying to fight and jump each other.  It's disgusting.  

We then saw a less active.  We knocked on his door and this lady opens the door and looks at us surprised and then yells "HEY!!  Oh my gosh come in!"  It was the members daughter who had been exposed to the Mormons as a child and she said those were her favorite memories!  So we talked a bit with her and her dad and they live with the wife of the member who's a brainwashed baptist who thinks Mormons worship statues and are of the devil and the husband of the daughter who just doesn't believe in us. The daughter starts bashing Baptists and defending the Mormon church and they're all in the other room yelling and fighting while us and the member were talking in the kitchen.  So we accidentally started a family feud haha.  When we left we apologized to the family saying we didn't mean for that to happen and they told us it's fine and we left.  It was a very eventful day.
Life goals.

We went to a members house because the dad wanted us to help the kids know to choose good friends.  So we used a talk by Hank smith called I love my friends and there's this part where he talks about a guy who went to Africa and his wife gave a little African boy a butterscotch candy.  They went on with their church thing and came out and that boy came back with his friends and they all wanted candy. She didn't have any more and so the kid, instead of eating the candy, let every one of his friends take a lick of it (there's 11 kids) and they all licked it until it was gone.  So he went on saying "how much do you love your friends?  Do you love them that much?"  It was so funny. So we took out a butterscotch and asked them how much they love their family and they didn't think we were serious....we were.  Haha.  So they took it and started licking it and the mom like gagged and couldn't do it haha.  She did it after dry heaving and it was sooo funny.  Elder Thornton and I didn't think we were actually doing to do it and make them lick it but we did and it was hilarious haha. 

I got my packages yes and I'm spending money because we got fed 3 times this month and so we have to buy food.  We are always out of money.  I ran out of money today on my card so I had to use my personal money.  It's been like this for all of us.  Elder Edwards and Thornton are also out of money.  We literally are eating a sandwich a day and a small bowl of cereal for breakfast.  For dinner we go buy one little Caesars pizza to share.  It's not easy to keep money.  I got birthday money and I used that for groceries and shoes.  But that's all I've bought.  I love you guys!  Don't worry about my problems I'll be fine! Although if you guys want to email me every day that'd be nice.  Elder Thorntons parents and siblings email him daily to keep him up to date.So does elder Edwards family.  But I can do without if you guys don't have a lot of time.  And if you know any virtuous, beautiful daughters of God who could use a missionary, I'm always open for emails. Have a great week guys!

Kings Do King Things

Elder Co-Driver Trainee Junior Companion "AP Bound" Kai Adair
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