Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dope week...other than the threat of being shot twice - all overshadowed by the spirit.

Love this picture, Kai in a nutshell.
My week was dope.  I'm not going to say numbers because I will not allow myself to keep statistics.  These people are not stats, they are children of God and I will not keep records because I could care less how many people I baptize or convert or teach.  Yes I want to enlarge the fold of God, but numbers don't make me a successful missionary.  

know I said people here are raunchy but man do I love them.  They're so respectful here! Well besides the 2 people who threatened to shoot us.  Other than that, even when people reject us, they're not mean haha.  
People here love Christ but the churches here are so messed that people are messed.  Soooo much priest craft and crap like that. There's this one church that literally sits people who pay more in front and glorify them and chastise those who pay less.  It's disgusting.  But I love how bold we can be as missionaries.  

We were teaching an eternagator (an eternal investigator who we teach but won't be baptized) and she keeps trying to find flaws in the church and how she doesn't believe she can live up to the standards.  She got up to give us some chili and we all (we're in a trio) just sat.  All of us were tearing up and all of us were praying to know what to tell her.  I just up and told her that she needs more faith, then immediately after Elder Parks says, " have absolutely no faith in anything.  Not in God not in Christ not in your self."  That set the tone for what happened next.  

We all bore our testimonies on how we felt we couldn't live up to standards and how we felt like God wasn't doing his part.  I bore it on how when I was younger I felt God wasn't there because I would be bullied and tormented and how after I fell off the path and came back and gained faith it all worked out.  My comps did the same and we were all crying and so was Tomika.  We got her to promise to pray and we told her we aren't coming back for a while so that she can feel the spirit when we aren't there.  
Ninjas do Ninja things.

That boldness we were able to have made it so she could figure out for herself what she needed to do.  We bawled our eyes out in silence on the way home.  I've never felt the spirit so strong in my life.  I have no idea if she will ever be baptized but I know that as long as I'm here I'm not giving up on her.  I wanted to drop her earlier in the week, but I was rebuked so hard by the spirit after that lesson.  I can testify that when you truly love someone and show that love, you can never be too bold.  

I can't express enough my love for our savior.  The spirit works so strong with me.  I can't teach very well, it's something I work on daily, but I know when I pray for the spirit and do my best, the spirit works wonders.  He loosens my tongue and I can teach and testify with power.  I am trying to be the best missionary possible and I'm so lucky to be able to stay with Elder Edwards for at least another transfer.  Elder Moosman goes home and we got a new companion (another trio) named Elder Thorton.  Moosman and I went to the temple today!  I went due to my birthday and Moosman because he goes home.  It was awesome! I can't wait for Christmas either!  I'm so proud of all of my siblings!!!  I loved my birthday stuff!!  I'll send a video of my minute celebration

Kings Do King Things

Elder Co-Driver Trainee Junior Companion Kai Adair

"High Priesting" in serious mode.
Yes, apparently "High Priesting" is a thing...any guesses what it means?
Not Sure what he is trying to say here.
Oh brother...
Birthday Shenanigans
Wow...just, wow.

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