Monday, October 31, 2016

Missionary stories, some funny pics, one hilarious video, and "don't tell mom" stuff - just another day in the field.

Posse in effect...
How it go?  This week wasn't anything special.  Nothing really happened.  We went around and saw some people and went on exchanges but nothin really crazy happened.  We schooled some kids in basketball and I dunked on one and his friends wouldn't let him be haha I felt so bad. We also made cookies and f'zookies and some videos!  I'll send them.  

We did, though, take an investigators cigarettes from him, with permission of course.  We told him they're bad and told him its best to not mess with fire and we took his cigarettes.  He also talked to us about how he wants to propose to his GF (who he doesn't live with so score!!) and he is gonna keep texting us with updates on how he wants to and we might be there for it!  We hope to baptize them but we don't know if we can cause their work schedule is crazy crappy.  We're gonna keep with them though because they want to be baptized.  

Wheels and salvation.
We also saw this guy sitting in front of our apartment building and all of us had a feeling to talk to him but we all kept walking.  We finally turned and gave him a card and holy got crazy.  He went off about how he felt Jesus wasn't someone to worship and stuff and then we got into conversation and we ended up teaching him almost all 5 lessons and he said he's genuinely curious and wants to read the Book of Mormon and how he's gonna go into it with an open mind.  I've never gotten that deep with anyone in a lesson haha.  Elder Thornton and Edwards killed it because they know all the deep stuff so I was sitting there like, holy crap I know nothing!  And I thought wow I didn't even know that.  Hahaha it was great though!  We invited him to play basketball the next morning.  He didn't come but we still made the invitation haha.
Looks like he is eating good to me!

The trunk or treat was on Saturday and we were the 3 Nephites!  It was fun!  Not a lot of people came, mainly the poorer people who live in the crappy apartments by us for free food, and like 1/4 of the members.  It was a good outcome though.  I got hit on by an investigator AND her niece (it's Tomika).

I heard glen died in the walking dead so no need to sugar coat it haha.  I was kinda sad too.  I'm so excited for tom!!!  Texas! Thats awesome!  That's close enough to the south haha.  What's his email??
And send me my vitamins.

Were they smart enough not to use sharpies?
Also, elder Thornton was telling us about a guy who is high up in the ford company in his last area.  He told him that the market is gonna fall again in 2017.  Ford wasn't hiring in 2016 to get ready for the crash.  They did the same thing for the 2008 crash too.  So long story short, get prepared for it.  In any way you can.  Tell Kaeden too.

And remember food storage ;)

And I feel so bad for Kamdon.  You guys should adopt him!  Tell Cort to take him in and love him.  Also invite him to church and convert him because Jesus heals all wounds and seals broken hearts.  That's not a joke either.  That's a challenge!  He needs it!  I'm definitely keeping him in my prayers.

Elder Thornton did his voting and you just send me the ballot and I send it to the Davis office.

Kings Do King Things

Elder Co-Driver Trainee Junior Companion "AP Bound" Kai Adair

Because why?
P.S. Kai sent me this email at work as he didn't want to scare his mom, but I think it is share worthy:

I'm sending this to you because mom will flip out so don't tell her.  So yesterday around 5 am there was a drive by right by our apartment.  Elder Thornton woke up and started freaking out and kept telling us someone was dead and all that, but elder Edwards and I were completely calm and went back to bed.  I have no idea what happened to the person being shot at but someone probably died.  That's just a freaky thing that happened this week that I wanted to tell you.  I don't know why but I thought you would want to hear about it.  I'm fine, we're all good but it happened.  So that's an experience that's definitely a first.  And also when we were outside teaching a new potential investigator, 3 shots popped off on the next street over.  And then 5 min later 8 a more shots popped off.  So If I die just remember it's a martyr and I'm home with Father :) I love you!  Don't worry about me!  God is on my side and I fear NO man!

Hanging with some members.
Memphis crew!
Mo Mo thug life.
There was no explanation for this photo...
...and then I saw this and I'm still confused.

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