Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A new member of the family arrives...I feel like a grandpa...I'm so proud!

There's a new dynamic duo in town!
Hey y'all!

So yeah I got my first born in the wilderness on Tuesday!  His name is Elder Sammons!  He's from Mishawaka, Indiana!  I have no idea where that is either so don't feel dumb.  I guess it's by Notre dame!  So that's dope!  He's cool!  He even talked his first couple lessons!  I didn't even do that!
We got snowed in on Friday so we didn't do much work.  I made some calls and taught a lesson over the phone haha.

Remember that family who keeps having people die after they reject us?  Well we set a date with tonya!  The daughter of the less active!  She's so excited!  January 28th!  We're gonna talk to Chikeda today and sadly Patricia has gone shady and sketchy cause she won't answer calls or answer the door...so that's really upsetting but we're still talking with our excommunicated member who even bore his testimony yesterday!  It was sick!  Good ole Doug Millar!
OMG, where are his legs?!?!?!
I have a few videos for y'all!  Well...mainly for THE BIRTHDAY BOY!! Happy birthday you little devil you!  Cort land is 16?!  What he deuce!  I'll send the videos!  You'll probably think I'm an idiot for doing one thing, but it was fun!

Nothing else really happened...we're going bowling today and elder Edwards is gonna be there so that's spectacular!

 Jenna is going on a mission?!  No freaking way???  Yeah mom send me her email to me!  We went to the taylors for dinner last night and of course it was dope.  That's literally all that happened haha.  Well, I got to be good friends with some other elders!  So I'm getting a lot more friends!  I was the second youngest trainer there!  And 2 others were only 6 months out so it was a fairly young trainers meeting.

It's snowing everywhere - end of days...
Stay active my friends!  Keep being who y'all are being!  I know Heavenly Father is proud of y'all!!  Somehow, he has trusted me with setting up a kids mission, so i know he will make it so I can do it!  Heavenly Father qualifies whom he calls so I will accept this call and perform as best I can!  Kaeden, remember how we talked about me training?  Hahaha I didn't think it'd come this soon!  Anyways!  Have a great week y'all!  I love y'all so much!  And just a fun fact...on February 10...I'll be 1/4 of the way done with my mission...where has the time gone?!

Kings Do King Things
They Call Me Fuego
Random, unexplained photo.

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