Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The 'Dynamic Duo' is splitting up - Edwair is no more...bring on the greenie!

Time to make the donuts...
Hey y'all!!  Sorry I don't have really any time to reply today!  I'm heading over across the river to Little Rock to pick up my greenie!  Yeah, I'm training!  Crazy?!  Haha but I'm going to be over there for a couple days for meetings and training stuff.  But this week was great!

Elder Edwards and I really did a lot of work!  We got Chikeda to stop smoking and even got to take the cigs again and elder Bogges (Zone leader I was with on exchanges) and I destroyed them. I hate those little Satan sticks!  Nothing but trouble and the #1 cause of failed baptisms.  It's so dumb.  We met a new less active who even fed us the second time we saw him.  He gave elder Edwards and I a coupon to go buy 8 inch survival knives hahaha.  Tempt me tempt me.  But he's cool but he over thinks everything and that's why he's less active (inactive?).

ALR's version of Brangelina is done...
We did more service for the same family that we raked leaves for.  We had to re-rake and take out a big vine tree.  It was awesome haha.  We're (new elder and I) going back on Thursday to finish up their yard.  It's fun!  I also did the magnesium citrate challenge.  Magnesium citrate is like a super lax, so what you do is down the whole bottle and see how long you can hold it in.  Well I did it after nightly planning and went to sleep...bad decision.  I woke up the next morning in PAIN LOL.  We said prayers, elder Edwards took a year and a day to say that thing, then I said a quick personal and booked it into the bathroom.  I was in there for quite some time.  Enough to dehydrate me for the rest of the day hahahaha.  But in all it was fun!  The things missionaries do for fun, am I right?

I really am never surprised anymore.
Yesterday we went around and said bye to all the members we got close to.  It was hard to elder Edwards to say bye to the Taylor's (he's going Zone leader!).  We had a great lesson over there on the atonement.  It was the one with the push-ups and as we gave everyone a cookie I did 10 push-ups.  I think I did 90 in total so I was dying.  I got no break between.  Being on that side of the atonement
Apparently once you complete the challenge...
(figuratively) was really heart wrenching for me.  Mason, on of the boys, didn't even want to eat his cookie haha.  But doing those push-ups so everyone could enjoy a cookie was really awesome.  It doesn't compare at all to what Jesus did for us but for the moment, i almost understood.  To willfully put yourself in pain so that others could enjoy life.  Afterward (and today) my arms hurt so bad.  I even had the audacity to tell elder Edwards "my arms hurt" but something he said made me rethink life...all he said was "imagine how Jesus' arms feel."  Boom.  Like think about it.  He took lashings, whippings, scorn, hate, persecution, bleeding from every pore in the garden of gethsemane and then crucifixion.  All because he loves us.

Thank you for taking care of these two hooligans!
1 Nephi 19:9 tells us he did it all because of his "loving kindness and long-suffering towards men."  It's my testimony that Jesus Christ is my savior and redeemer.  He suffered and loved a lonely life so that we don't have to.  He took upon him the literal sins of the world and the pain and trials, and felt the burden and pain so that we don't have to.  Isn't at something?  Knowing we have someone who loves us that much?  It makes me choke up just thinking about it.  By none other way can we find peace in this life nor the life to come.  Always remember that.  Whatever pain and trial you're going through, Jesus has been there and suffered for it.  Whatever addiction, sin or mishap in your life that you can't shake, and believe you're too far gone to come back, let it go.  Christ suffered for it.  Turn to him for strength and it'll be yours.  Jesus is the Christ and the true Messiah.  I love you guys!  I'll talk to y'all next week!
Strength in numbers.
Mom finally gets her name tag picture.

Kings Do King Things
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