Monday, January 23, 2017

M N O Spiders! O S A R, C D E D B D ii?

Hey, we just me you....
This week was insane!  We destroyed all weekly goals and have the best numbers (I'm not a number hunter, but when you kill it, numbers come) in the district!  We also had a challenge to set more baptismal dates than the Zone leaders and we tied with them and beat everyone else in the Zone!  We're the youngest companionship in he Zone and second youngest in the mission!  So we get to pie the Zone leaders next meeting!  It was cool though cause we talked to a lot of cool people!

I love the mission cause I get to literally just run to random people and get to know them and talk about Christ.  We got a baptismal date with some lady we met 10 minutes before and had a little sermon with some old people.  We talked to a baptist "deacon" and bashed a bit but ended up giving him a Book of Mormon haha.  We handed out like 10 on Saturday.  We had 5 straight hours of talking to people without a break.  As soon as we got a text from missionaries who set a date, we dropped what we were doing and went out to work.  Needless to say, we didn't eat lunch cause we were so set on winning and we had a wonderful time doing it! We now have 10 dates!  Of course it means nothing until they're baptized but they're looking great!

Kai, modeling...he claims it is to show us the area, but we all know how much he loves the camera.

A whole lot of "NOPE"
Then we got a call from the sisters in our district wanting help on killing a was an 8 minute call, made up of 2 minutes of how to catch it (I guess it was too big to kill?) and 6 minutes of them screaming trying to get it...I got like a minute and a half of it on video if you want that.  She was like freaking out haha.  It was a good time though. I wrote a note to an investigator I'll send you the pic.  They brought the spider to church and it was kinda big...I understand their freak out haha.  Again I'll send the pics and a video of it.  That dude was HUGE.

Kill it...just kill it!
This week I also found my new life Motto..."Go Buck Wild!"  Haha.  Basically "going buck Wild" includes absolutely killing it in whatever you're trying to accomplish.  Always giving it your all and go crazy and have fun while doing it!  As the youngest companionship in he Zone and 2nd youngest in the mission, I'm pretty sure we're leading in a few of the key indicators!!  We've been going balls to the wall!  Absolutely Buck Wild!!  We're going Bucking crazy!

I had a photo shoot in a more decent area and I'll send a video of myself setting my hand on fire cause I'm still Kai.

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

I swear some of my kids are smarter than others...

Why? Why did you spare this spawn of Satan???

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