Wednesday, January 18, 2017

She's 35...but she has a sweet spirit.

Howdy Y'all!

A face peel?  Really?
This week I got the chance to hear Ann tell me that as she has read and as she has studied, that the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon "is almost undeniable."  I don't think I've ever literally almost jumped off of a couch with so much joy!  We taught her on Saturday again and she agreed right then and there to talk to her boyfriend about moving out (she doesn't want to marry him😳) haha.  She's so great!  She just gets it!!  And I've been there from the get go!  She remembers the exact date that we first started talking to her!  She knows it's true.  I know she does. It's just a matter of getting her to church!  I think honestly her boyfriend is what's crippling her progress.  But we won't have to worry about that for much longer!😊 Her date is for the 11th of February but I'm pretty sure that she's gonna get dunked before that!

We went on a 2 hour exchange with the Zone leaders and blitzed the area, and in an hour and a half, we taught 2 lessons and got 3 baptismal dates!  We also set a date with that gator who's mom and husband died!  And also with another investigator to agree to a date!  It's been a great week!  We had a miracle and got 2 guys, 1 RM and one reactivated member to come out with us!  It's just been a great week for miracles!  We had Zone conference and Elder Sammons recited all 42 doctrinal points (from all 5 lessons) in front of everyone!  Even president!  We also are working on rebaptizing our excommunicated member, Doug Millar!  Oh and we went to a house to try some gators, and there was a car outside.  The gators weren't home so we walked back and I went to the car and knocked on the window!  Haha.  The RM with us was terrified cause it's a ballsy move to knock on windows in Memphis.  Elder Sammons got really uneasy too and walked away haha.  But I knocked and they were super chill!  They were picking up one of the gators, Quadarius, for work and we talked a bit!  Their names were Jaquan and Damerius!  I gave them a card with our number and church info but I'm an idiot and forgot to invite them to play basketball on Wednesday!  Hopefully I'll catch them again haha.  It's so fun doing things that would normally get me shot!  Quite the rush!

We also got cussed out cause Elder York, the Zone Leader, asked a guy if he wanted $100 and when he came over to us, he said "nah I don't have $100 but I have something way more valuable!!  Ever heard of the Book of Mormon?" And he went off calling us liars and that we're going to hell hahahaha.  We also went and saw an investigator and she was smoking and we told her to stop and that it's bad and she told us that she will stop and then she literally looks me in the eye and says "oh my gosh Adair you are just so handsome!  I'm sorry and I'm too old for you but you're just so handsome!  Hey maybe if I come to church might be able to hook ya!"  Hahahahaha.  I fetching laughed soooo hard afterward!  My comp and I just died cause it's been a while since a gator has hit on me but she literally told me that she wants to "hook me" and she just kept flirting with me!  Keep in mind, she is like 35 and has a kid and HER HUSBAND JUST DIED IN OCTOBER!!  It was so uncomfortably funny!!  Hahahaha I just had to tell you that haha. I guess being on a mission makes you like instantly more attractive?  More women hit on me out here than they ever did while I was home and available haha.  It's some crazy stuff happening here.  The people of Memphis never cease to entertain me!  Never a dull moment!

I got the chance to give a talk yesterday at church!! It was on optimism and joy! I'll send it to you guys to read!  I feel like it went great!  The congregation laughed a lot, I laughed a lot and I even got the chance to quote the "street poet Kanye west" Haha.  It's important to let people know that missionaries are humans with emotions haha.  Not just spiritual robots that focus only on perfection.  If there's one thing I've learned, it's there can't be a gap between Elder Adair and Kai.  It's gotten to the point to where I'm saying screw it, I'm just gonna be myself and hope people like me haha.  People hate when you're just focused on spiritual perfection and being "fake," so just being me is important.  And people either love me or hate me so I guess I'll see how this goes haha.
Elder Sammons is learning so quickly!  He teaches normally, well as normal as a greenie can, and he knows the doctrine so it's sooo much easier to train when all that falls in line.  I feel bad for elder Edwards haha he had to train me from the bottom.  It's great though!  We're really doing good together!!

I'm so glad Cort killed it at his meet!!  Congrats bud!  They told you about me yelling at the kids behind me to slow down? Hahahaha.  I hated the 400 so every time I did it I made it memorable haha.  My junior year I lifted the baton and pointed at my friends as I was getting passed up by like everyone haha.  I'll never forget the moment I found out I ran it in under a minute!  58.7 I think was my fastest time haha,  I was soooo bad!  But I'm happy you did it and got 2nd!!  Congrats!!  Now when are you gonna do jumping?

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