Monday, October 16, 2017

A change is a brewing...and of course lots of awesome missionary work continues!

Hey Y'all! 

Monday was eventful.  So after I was done emailing, I sprained my elbow punching a basketball out from being stuck between the rim and backboard haha.  Leave it to me to do that right?

Tuesday we went to Brinkley for an exchange.  I went with Elder Hall!  He's a hoot let me tell ya.  He went to Davis but lived in Layton.  We saw Dominic and he's excited to be baptized!  We did a lot of busy work and writing emails for the Stake and Zone and stuff so not much happened.  Lots of appointments fell through and it was tough.

We exchanged back on Wednesday and Elder Ogaard was super sick.  We stayed in and while he slept and died basically, I called a bunch of people and tried to set things up.  We had a meeting with the Stake president and President Hansen and a few other Stake people.  So many meetings this week.  We went home early cause Ogaard was dying.

Thursday was better.  Ogaard was still sick but we had district meeting and saw a bunch of people.  Lots weren't home so we went Finding for a bit and found some cool people!  We saw Braxton and had a breakthrough lesson!  Basically we asked how much he would lay down for the truth, including school and family stuff.  It's a tough situation he's in.  I feel so bad for him but we're gonna fast with him next Friday for an answer to know what he needs to do.  We saw Steven as well!  They're absolutely my favorite family, and I'm not just saying that cause they told me they read these letters every week!  Hahaha shout out to the Hester's!  Steven agreed to be baptized with his 2 sons, Dathan and Leland on Christmas Eve!  All I ask is prayers this way for help that it'll happen! 

Friday we did a long weekly Planning again.  But, sneak peak, that's the last time we're using Preach my gospel for weekly Planning...I'll get into that later.  We found a bit and saw Russell.  That was fun.  He gave us pizza and we left.  Not much else cause he had to give his son a bath.

Saturday we had MLC bright and early at 9 where we got a lecture from a guy from Salt Lake on how we have a new weekly and daily planning guide, so we don't need chapter 8 of Preach My Gospel any more for planning.  With that being said, there were some missionaries who ripped chapter 8 out of their Preach My Gospels.  I'm not gonna lie, it was, for the most part a confusing MLC.  Lots of confusing and irrelevant comments were made and it didn't help me much at all.  But what I did get out of it was great.  We're changing the mission culture.  We had a good discussion on how to do that.  It's a work in progress, but we want all the
new missionaries coming in to see that we talk to everyone and are bold to the max and are out with a purpose.  So I gotta step up my game a bit!  Everyone we had planned to see that day wasn't home except a couple.  A Hispanic lady that Elder Ogaard taught and a less active named Chance. 

Sunday was good.  Church is always good.  Dominic came and made sure everyone knew how pumped he was for the 28th of October!  Haha I'm so excited for him.  The sisters' investigator named Sue is being baptized this Saturday and Ogaard is doing it.  He's also giving a talk at the baptism so that's cool!  She's really awesome and loves all the missionaries.  We went out and tried to see some less actives and gators but not much was home.  We went home teaching and we ran into some pretty cool people! 

Good week!  Thanks for all the love y'all sent me this week and for all that y'all do! 

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