Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Birthday, big dog, Mormon Bible hysteria, and bike troubles...another week in the life of an LDS missionary.

He's not horsin' around here...
Hey y'all!  This week was a good one!

Tuesday - I went with Elder Cepeda on an exchange.  He's dope!  He's from Mexico and he was out in this mission before but went home for a few months cause he tore his ACL.  So he's back!  We saw a bunch of people and saw Dominic.  He was very emotional that he couldn't get in touch with us cause his phone broke.  We saw a less active who's the son of our last relief society president.  He has an English mastiff who weighs 170 lbs. so in other words, my head could fit in his mouth no problem.

Thursday - Here's a story for the ages.  I exchanged with Elder Sandman and he's in an all bike area, so I got to be test out my leg endurance!  Well we ride to a less active who's pretty dope.  Shared a message with him and talked.  We rode away for about 2 miles and I saw a curb that looked like I could get some sick air.  So of course I hit the jump!  And of course my front tire popped...so we called that less active and he came and picked us up and took us to Walmart to get a new tube.  Stud of a guy let me tell ya!  We get back to his house to change the tire and all was well and done, so we rode off...and literally not even 5 seconds later I turn to elder sandman and ask if he hears something and as soon as I say that...MY BACK TIRE POPPED!!  So I was pretty salty.  We went back to the member and he laughs his head off haha.  He took us back to our apartment and we ate something and planned out the rest of the day.  So we just start to walk and we go to their baptismal dates house.  Well as soon as he opens the door, this dude says "let's go back over the lessons" so in my head, I'm thinking "wonderful, he got anti'ed."  So we start teaching and all is well until about the great apostasy...this dude just starts to argue and bash and then tells elder sandman to not use his Bible cause it's in "kahootz" with the Book of Mormon...well I used my bible, which is an old baptist bible but he's still not having it!!  So I'm sitting there like "for realsies?" So we start to tell him if he just wants to bash and argue we won't come by anymore.  That scared him haha.  He apologized and said his way of learning is to argue.  So I tell him how dumb he is and we left (dad edit: I am certain he didn't really tell him this).  So yeah, that was my Thursday.
Birthday boy...at first I wondered why he had a snorkel...

Doing the Lord's work.
Saturday - We had a meeting with Elder Kleibengat again!  He came with Elder Anderson in January.  But he threw down on obedience and taught us how to use the Book of Mormon.  So that was pretty cool.

Sunday - We had to find a ride to Conway (an hour away) for a musical devotional.  Well we asked and asked and finally found a ride there and a ride back.  So that was dope!  We sang and I got to hang out with some mission buddies.  It was awesome!  Great birthday 10/10!  Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!!  I love y'all so much!

Kings Do King Things

Good dog...don't eat me!
More 'Murica!

Horses need religion too.
I don't think he has ever seen one before...

More churcin'

Still in the church...

Church posers.

Shameless selfie

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