Monday, October 23, 2017

A sad goodbye to Searcy and a hardy hello to Batesville!

Amen to that!
Hey y'all!

Monday we just emailed all day.

Tuesday we went to Jacksonville for Cabots district meeting.  At the same time, President was interviewing missionaries for their departure and so I got to hang with Elder Edwards and Hall and Thurgood for a while!  We had a great time catching up and joking around.  I exchanged with Elder Andersen.  He's a quiet guy, he's from Highland, Utah.  We saw the Fousts for a bit.  Haven't seen them in a hot minute (Dad edit: Is he turning southern or what???) so we caught up before we had to leave.  We then met a dude who had a great door.  I'll send a pic.  He has read some of the Book of Mormon before, but has had 2 strokes since then and can't remember anything about it haha.  Nice guy.  We then saw Louis again!  Really great lesson!  He had questions about the gift of the Holy Ghost cause we read 2 Nephi 31 with him (chapter on the doctrine of Christ, or the Gospel) and we had a discussion and got to get some good questions from him.  Saw the Mauldins and talked for a bit.

Pet possum anyone?
We exchanged back on Wednesday and literally no one answered.  We went to dinner at the Lagomarsino's and had a great time talking about scouts and stuff.  We had Book of Mormon class and I interviewed a woman for baptism.

Thursday we had our last district meeting and then practiced for our musical number that we were asked to do for Sunday.  We saw Monica, a recent convert, and she told us her conversion story...Elder Ogaard fell asleep so we laughed at him until he woke up.  We talked to the apartment owner of Dominic's place for a bit cause he wasn't home.  He loves Mormons and he took our number.  We saw a few Mexicans and then went to dinner with the Ryan's.  We went to see Steven but he wasn't home so we saw a few home teaching families with our Elders Quorum President.

Swinging for Jesus.
Friday wasn't anything.  We weekly planned and got dropped by some people and then towards the end of the night we saw the Gonsers.  While there I got a call from President Hansen sayin that I'm released from ZL and training (Dad edit #2: what he meant to say is "released from ZL and WILL now be a trainer.  I fear for this generation's ability to type coherent and complete sentences, but I diugress)!  I'm going to Batesville. AJ gave me a cowboy guitar. (Dad edit #3: Do you like how he just casually mentions he is transferring, and he left out he is also the District Leader in Batesville.)

Saturday we had a baptism for the sisters.  Elder Ogaard baptized her.  Her name is Sue Hamrick and she's awesome!  Again, every appointment fell through until we saw Steven.  We brought a member named brother long and the lesson was AWESOME!  We talked about praying and reading as a family and coming to church.  It's was friggin dope.

Unicorns unite!
Sunday I confirmed Sue as a member of the church and then we sang a musical number of half Spanish half English "I'm trying to be like Jesus" and i guess it was good!  Steven came to church and he gave me a double thumbs up as I sang haha.  We said bye to everyone and it was super sad but I found out that the Mauldins have a daughter, who isn't a member, in Batesville and she wants the missionary lessons! So I'm gonna teach her!  We got dating advice from Sister Ryan too.  We saw the Duncans for dinner and had a nerf war with Brodie, the son.  Those were some sad goodbyes.

I said bye to the Mauldins this morning at 6. Haha I'll send all the pics.  But I love y'all and can't wait to hear back!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

The dynamic duo!
Treehouse fun time.

Sue Hamrick's baptism.

Serious photo...

...goofy photo.  I may have that backwards.

Halloween fun.

And I have no names for these captions...sorry everyone! Blame Adair.

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