Tuesday, April 10, 2018

And he's off to Little Rock! Been a long time in Glenwood, now for a fresh start in the LR.

Howdy y'all!

Hard goodbyes.
Monday we I got egged cause I lost a challenge of inviting people to church.  I invited 10 when I said I would invite 14.  But in my defense, I still invited more than I think everyone in the district!  I now know that eggs also don't break as easy as I thought.  Them suckers welted me up.  We went mini golfing afterwards and it was great!  I also forgot to mention, the Nasilai's last week fed us on Monday and it turns out, one of their sons served in the Century Gardens ward in Mesa!!  How awesome is that?!  We talked about the McGhans, the McKinnons and all them!  It was awesome!

He loved this area.

Tuesday we had district meeting and Elder Asay came with me to Glenwood for exchanges.  We just did service for Jimmie and holy cow.  I ain't never seen so many ticks.  We stepped on this one dirt pile, and I ain't lyin, ticks came out like ants.  There was at least 15 ants on EACH of our boots.  We ran up the hill (we were picking up trash for a hoarder) and brushed em off and then literally bathed until we were wet in bug spray.  Thank my Father that worked.  Ticks ain't nothin to mess with so that was scary.  We had dinner at the Luttrell's to finish the night.

Wednesday we exchanged back and did service at the CADC and saw Sister Hill.  Good visit!  We then went and did farm work at the Harris's.  We picked weeds and tilled the ground of their garden and then went around picking up a ton of big ole sticks.  It took a good 2 or 3 hours!  I have never had so much fun doing service for someone!  I also thought pretty highly of my self after I found a good sized log and broke it 3 times by throwing it down and stomping on it.  No ax needed, like a man.  I'll send pics.  The Harris's fed us some of the best burgers I have had afterward.  We went home and sat back cause we were sore haha.  But so worth it.
Model...looking to the future.
Thursday we went with Sister Hawthorn and saw Denise.  She was busy and couldn't meet so Sister Hawthorn took us back and we changed and did service for her.  We drove and got some chicks and then came back and butchered, gutted and fixed up her roosters.  That was AWESOME!  I mean, they stink pretty sore, but it was one of the coolest things!  I also now know what it means when people say "run around like a chicken with its head cut off" cause we got one and holy moly.  That thing must have jumped and flang itself 10 yards.  It was awesome!  She fed us some good biscuits and gravy with eggs and bacon when we were done.  I'm tellin ya, this week is full of mission high lights.

Wow...just, wow.
Friday we weekly planned and went out with Sister Crow.  We saw Sister Jacobs again and talked about the resurrection and the Celestial Kingdom.  She asked Elder Miller if she could keep him again and I chuckled...a lot.  We saw Sister O'Neal and I got a picture with her in case I get transferred.  We talked and set up some service for when she moves.  Also, Mom, when we go to Denver in November, we are visiting her. She lives just outside of Denver.  Make a note.  Sister Crow took us to a new Chinese Restaurant in Mt. Ida and it was pretty good!  I've never ordered ribs for an appetizer before until then.  They put some Chinese twist to it though and it was...different.  But not horrible!  We drove back to Glenwood and got in contact again with the Hearns.  They actually set up a return appointment and we talked with Russ for a good 5 minutes!  He has the most radical pony tail/mullet and I want it.  We ended the night after that and took some rest.

Now that's country.
Saturday was good!  And by good I mean it was a "Sweet is the work!" Day.  We went out in the 35 degree weather with high humidity due to the prior storm (its thunderstorm season) and so it was tough.  We saw Sister Lenz for a little while before she kicked us out so we could see others before it got too much colder.  No one was home, sadly.  We tried a good amount of people, but to no avail.  We came back and ate some and studied before heading to the Robbins for dinner and a Skype call with the district and the zone leaders.  It was a great call!  Elder King is by far one of my favorite missionaries!  It was a call on being an Ammon, not a Samson.  I did a deep study on Samson and turns out, he is one of the most tragic stories in history.  He loved the world more than his calling as a Nazarite (not Nazarene, nazarite is means full consecration to the Lord, he being the only one ever called a nazarite for life) and gave into his own desires and only defeating the Philistines when he either wanted revenge, or for personal reasons.  He had God given strength and a calling to free Israel, but failed due to selfishness.  Ammon on the other hand, was as consecrated as they come!  If y'all read Alma 17-20, you'll understand why he is one of the best missionaries of all time! I also got transfer news.

All tuckered out.
Sunday was a good day at church!  I said good bye and packed everything up.  Some of those goodbyes were hard!  I never thought I would miss Glenwood so much!  It started out so rocky and hard and ever since has been an uphill sprint, but I cant express how thankful I am to have served here!  We had a break the fast lunch and then went home and packed.  We went to the Robbins for milkshakes and goodbyes and then the Hawthorns.  Sister Robbins got the milk bucket kicked over for tickling the cows utter hahaha!  I don't think I've seen anyone so scared.  Howard thought it was the funniest thing too.  We took pictures and had a stellar time.

Like I said, I'm leaving!  My new area is Little Rock with Elder Robinson!  He's a great guy and I like him a lot!  It's also time for me to lose my beer gut as we're now in an all bike area!  I can't wait!  I might go home from here, so I'm excited to work it like there's no tomorrow!  I love y'all!  Thank y'all so much for the prayers and love y'all send my way!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild
He strong!

Tilling the ground for the next round.
Walking away in service.


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