Monday, April 16, 2018

And it came to pass that he moved to Little Rock and begat a cowboy...okay so no actual begatting occurred.

A shout out to Elder Miller!

Howdy y'all!

Well this one ain't going to be too long.  This week we mainly got to know the area and saw some people.  My new comp, Elder Robinson, is a stud.  I would recommend him to any female.  He's a cowboy from Idaho.  He did rodeo and all that jazz in high school so I already love the kid.

Monday we had a lesson with Sharon and it was awesome!  We taught the restoration and it was so spirit filled!  I was so upset that I was leavin cause she is getting baptized!  (Cross your fingers)

Tuesday we transferred.  We drove around Little Rock waiting for the Spanish elders to get there.  We drove to the apartment and ate dinner and I unpacked a bit before going to dinner with a member named Brother Thaxton.  He's awesome!  He used to live in Scottsdale so I like him even more.  We played basketball with him and another member to end the night.

Wednesday was whack.  We did all of our shopping and I got a haircut.  That's about all we did until we ate with a member named Paul and then went to Book of Mormon class.  We taught it and it's super different than all of the other ones I have done.  Hard to explain, but it was still great!  Paul then took me on a tour of the area.

Thursday was full of service!  We went and helped Brother Tobler (in the bishopric) help move a friend.  It was great!  I love the guy and we had a lot of fun.  We came back and the bishops wife asked us to accompany her in bringing food to a high school softball team.  So we did that and THEN we went and helped another member get a hutch that he bought.  We moved it and I guess we impressed the lady or something cause then she told us they are moving and asked if we could help them move!  It was great!  So we will do that sometime
within the next few weeks.  We unloaded the hutch (and a table with its chairs) at the members house and ate there.

Friday we called a ton of people to set up times to meet with them.  We went out walking and tried to contact some people and then walked to the church after no one answered.  We got pizza and walked back to see a guy named Marcus.  He has a background of Baptist but has gotten into believing in science, so he has some good questions haha.  We just went for the throat and told him to pray and ask God if he is there and he will answer.  We explained the first vision as well.  He is so cool though!  Brother Haws, who took us, played in the NFL and is really cool.  He is also freaking huge.

Saturday came and we went out with Paul.  But before that we had to wait for the office elders to bring me a desk cause I was using a ghetto church table that was tiny.  We went to help pick up at a swap meet at the church and got a dope tan corduroy coat.  We went out with Paul and saw 16 people!  2 really stuck out, and that was Tom and Brenda.  Tom has such an open mind and took a Book of Mormon and was all "I take no ones word, I study for myself" and when he said that I about fell off his porch!  So we're seein him tomorrow!  Brenda was a bible referral looking for Gods love.  Well, we shared the restoration and she was in tears!  It was so amazing!  We had dinner and all that and it was a good day.

Sunday I gave a talk in church on how the Book of Mormon is the key to conversion.  I thought it went pretty well!  We then drove to Conway to sing at the musical devotional.  It was good!  I had fun!  I got to talk to Elder Dawson and Miller and Barney and Barron.  It was grand!  I love those guys!  After it was over, I gave Elder Barron a blessing and it was awesome to feel the spirit work with me.  We drove home and basically just went to bed.

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