Monday, April 23, 2018

I'm intrigued...laughing so hard you puke and security system salesman that is not a returned missionary...interesting.

He's pretty proud of his corduroy jacket.

Howdy y'all!

Tuesday we walked to a referral who wasn't home.  We decided to try a dude in the neighborhood by him and met a security system salesman from Utah.  That was funny.  Definitely not Mormon, but nice guy.  We walked home and talked to a good amount of people and had dinner at the Bushka's.

Yeah...the jacket again.
Wednesday we tried to see Markus.  He said he was on his way out and asked if we could come by on Friday.  So we left to see Jabari but he wasn't home, so we walked to the church and got lunch and then Brother Logue picked us up and we went to visit Brother Bailey who was in the hospital.  He was in surgery when we got there, so the entertainment while we waited was Brother Logue rippin into Elder Robinson about his maroon pants.  We still have no regrets on buying them.  We left the hospital cause we had a dinner and we went to the Smiths.  They're awesome.  We played with his 2 yr old son and built things with these magnet building stuff and his 1 yr old daughter would destroy it within seconds.  It was adorable.  We had Book of Mormon class after that.

Because you always wanted to eat crayons!
Thursday we had district meeting and exchanged.  I went with Elder Paopao in Benton.  It was awesome.  We went park finding and talked to a guy who thinks preachers should preach about saving the environment and all is tree hugger stuff, it was great.  But after that jazz, he told us there should be one church cause were was one Christ and Elder Paopao and I got excited!  We explained the restoration a bit and asked if we could come to his home and get his number.  Well he shot that down and gave us the usual excuse of "I never know when I'll be home."  Well, that's why we asked for his number...but it's whatever.  So we kept walking and we left to go to do service for a part member family.  Well, as soon as we leave, of course that's when people decide to go to the park...but we did the service and cut down trees and vines and pulled out a few trees cause were men.  In the midst of us trimming, pulling and cutting, we found a nest of 2 baby birds.  We cut around them and try to keep that little tree up. turns out (the non member husband looked up if we could move the nest), if you mess with the surroundings at all around the nest, the mom will abandon it...and we messed with the surroundings.  So, to repent, we took the pulled up trees and sticks and stood them up around the tree to look like a forest type of deal again.  So hopefully those baby birds didn't die!  We went to correlation afterwards and then got pizza.  It's kinda tradition for Elder Paopao and I to get pizza.

Who's the good doggo?
Friday we exchanged back and weekly planned and tried to see Markus again.  He wasn't home...again.  We went around finding to no avail and then Paul took us out and we ate and washed his car.

Saturday we went out with Paul and his grandma fed us burgers.  Super nice family.  We saw Tom.  He wasn't able to meet cause of work, but he asked for our facebooks so we can talk to him whenever!  It's crazy how cool this technology works.  Before we got Facebook, we maybe got asked for it like 6 times, but now that we have Facebook, I feel like we get asked every day for it!  We saw Brenda after that and had a great plan of salvation lesson.  We met her husband, Bernard, and he is super nice.  Turns out, they're moving to Missouri in a month or that sucks.  But it's okay because they asked us to find the missionaries in that area haha.  We saw David and boy do I love that man.  He has a dog named max, who's a huge German Sheppard, and he is the biggest baby.  If I am trunky for anything, it's Titus and a dog haha.  We got to know him more and why he is investigating.  He let us hold his guns and he let us hold a .50, and I won't lie, I think I peed myself a little.  His .300 blackout was freaking awesome too.  He also has a Remington 700 that made me pee a little more.  So yeah, I had a great time.  Paul took us out to eat at Larry's pizza and then on the way home, Elder Robinson made him laugh so hard he threw that was funny.

Yous the good doggo!
Sunday we had a good church service.  David came!  We went to the Adney's where they made breakfast!  It was awesome.  We then got taken to the Bishops where we had a meeting with a couple recent converts and David!  We watched a conference talk called He will put you on his shoulders and carry you by Elder Uchtdorf in April 2016.  I recommend y'all give it a listen!

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

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