Monday, August 21, 2017

Can I be your second wife? ...and other tales from Arkansas.

LDS Zonebies...beware their words!
Monday we went turtle hunting but had no luck...we saw Louis and found out he's a Church of Christ preacher, so that was neat.  Also got a few concerns out of him and talked to his other Church of Christ preacher friend.  Super non-contentious actually.

Tuesday I went to Brinkley with Elders Hall and Thrasher.  Elder Thrasher came out with Elder Dawson, so that's cool.  Elder Hall goes home with Edwards and Smith.  We rode bikes all day and went to dinner.  We met a lot of cool people!  Elder Hall is hilarious and a really good trainer.  Elder Gonzales went with Smith back to Searcy.  It was a solid day.

Jessica, Steven, Nikki, and Denton - The Gators
Wednesday we headed back to Searcy and saw Dominic and taught him the Law of Chastity.  He is very slow of comprehension so we explained it like 10 times and then quizzed him on it.  He got it though!  We then went to the Benson's, a less active family, and talked to them for a bit and went over the plan of salvation with them on a big piece of card board.  It was awesome cause they had like 4 friends over and 2 of them want to learn more.  Their names are Barry and Mary (funny) and they're married haha.  They loved the plan of salvation cause Mary had an uncle who committed suicide and every preacher she went to told her he's on hell.  So she loved the fact that God judges the heart of a person.  It was touchy but she loved it.  They gave us cheesy chicken spaghetti and it was AMAZING.  We ate it super late though after Book of Mormon class and basketball.

I don't think those frog legs will be enough...
Thursday we had district meeting, and now the Zone Leaders are District Leaders as well, so we got to instruct again!  It's been about 4 or 5 months since I've instructed at a district meeting haha.  I instructed on extending commitments and got Elders Thurgood and Miller to do a handstand and sing happy birthday to Sister Hall with opera singing by using specific commitments.  It was freaking awesome!  I exchanged with Elder Thornton for the day in Quitman.  He said he loved my instruction cause I know how to have fun and teach at the same time.  We did a lot of service for a member and then showered and went to dinner.  Ended off the night by trying by some less actives and looking at the view.  Heber Springs is gorgeous, reminds me of the west!

Friday we exchanged back and headed back to Searcy.  Lots of driving!  We planned for a bit then went by some gators who weren't home and then tried a couple less actives who weren't home as well.  College is starting back up so it's tough catching people.  Also, the stores are flooded with people now.

Random and awesome!
Saturday was the morning we went to Beebe for the flea markets and a Blitz and I got a dope American flag knife!  I also got to talk to some different people at the flea market haha.  We went to Walmart and got some gig heads so we can go frog and gar gigging.  We just gotta get sticks. We came back to Searcy and saw Dominic.  He remembered what the law of chastity is!  Just not what it's called haha.  We taught the word of wisdom and had the same lesson of repetition haha.  But he got it!  We also believe he thinks he's not allowed to even hold hands until marriage...might wanna address that haha.  Then the night got weird

Do you think this Elder can be "Dear John'd"?
We saw Clearance and Audra Williams and they had a friend over who had just gotten picked up by them cause she was in a fight and was pretty bruised up (possible broken knuckle and a black eye).  Well she wasn't too talkative and then like a light switch, she just spewed out her whole entire life story...but let me tell ya, I will never say my life is hard ever.  She's been through some tough mess, including when she was 12, she had to clean up the suicide scene of her father...who also molested her as a child.  And then she told us how she drove upon the scene where her brother was hit by a truck on the freeway where he was pronounced dead, BUT the guy survived!  This is also the same brother who held their mother at gunpoint and told her to drive 90 mph into a tree...yeah, so anyways, she tells us all of this and then her attitude starts to brighten and then out of no where she gets SUPER flirtatious!

This is for his mother...sarcasm is a wonderful thing!
She brought up polygamy (of course) and then looks me dead in the eye and says "can I be your second wife?" and I died a little inside...and on the outside cause I laughed so hard.  Like it was a funny compliment, but then she got real weird and proposed and asked "for real though, can I marry you?  There's a church right down the street!  I'm only 26 and you're 19 it's legal!"  She then kept comparing me to Calvin Klein and I was baffled.  It didn't help that Smith kept egging it on either.  So we ended the lesson and she wanted a prayer and then stood by me.  Here in the south, they hold hands while praying, so of course she came and held my hand.  We left and Smith told her she would be able to sit by me at church...well she never came so I guess that was an answer to my prayer that I didn't want to see her again haha.

Hump Day goodies from Ky to Kai!
Sunday was awesome!  Brody Bills, Candace Duncan's son, wanted to sit by me and church and so we sat and sang together and he loved it.  I explained the reasoning for the sacrament and he sat and listened.  Then after church, We saw an investigator who spoke Spanish with the first counselor.  They hit it off and he explained the Book of Mormon and everything.  It was great!  Then we saw a less active who has been going to a baptist church with his wife.  He said we can come by whenever.  Bishop fed us dinner and it was great!  He got me trunky talking about how he "married his best friend" and all this cute stuff so I sat here like, dang...haha.  I showed the video "staying spiritually Fit" and it was awesome!  I recommend it, Northridge is in the beginning of it...just saying.  But we then went to a part member family's and it was great!  It's actually a fiancĂ© to a less active and their 2 friends.  They were joking and talking and we shared the restoration with them and they told us to come by next week for smoked deer and all we gotta do is bring dessert, score!  The fiancĂ© is the most interested and his name is Steven, I want him to be baptized so bad.  I can't wait to go back!  We got along great and connected really well.  It was fun and he read all of the pamphlets that we gave him and loves the Book of Mormon.  He goes "I hate the Bible!  It's too hard to read!  But the Book of Mormon, it's [explicit] awesome!"  Hahaha. They swear a lot, but they mean well.  It was a freaking good day!  Oh and also Sister Zollinger passed a kidney stone so they didn't come to that blows for them.

It was a very successful week, I loved it!  Lots of good stuff happening here and I can't wait for next week with all the awesome people we're teaching.  Love y'all.  Can't wait to hear back.

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