Monday, August 7, 2017

I'm a farmer and I have 10 moms and have trained my whole life for this...

My favorite picture from his mission to-date
Monday was transfer P-day so we went to Little Rock where we had to let go of elder Goaslind as he went ZL in Russellville.  So that was sad, but not NEARLY as sad as I had to watch elder Hill go home...that one killed me...but I found out that the lady elder Hill and I found and elder Speck and I taught (I only taught a couple lessons) got baptized last Sunday!!  So that's awesome!

Tuesday was pretty normal.  We had a great lesson with a family we found a couple weeks ago, we taught the restoration and the spirit was so strong!  They had a lot of questions about prophets so we stayed on that topic for a while.  They're a church of Christ family who are actually very open.  They invited us back next Tuesday.  We had to type up and send off some things to the office so that was lame.  We did a little bit of finding but had no success.  We went to Taco Bell for dinner and we had given a Book of Mormon to a lady there a few weeks ago and she was there so we taught her random principles throughout our dinner and she was asking questions and so we got her email and are gonna be helping her with and stuff!  Also a member came in and got to watch us as we taught haha.  She offered to buy us food but we had already eaten.  Then a sweet old lady gave us her tacos cause they were too spicy for her.  She didn't want to take lessons, but she gave us food!  And that's good enough sometimes right?

I have no idea...
Wednesday was rough.  Every single one of our appointments fell through, so we had to scratch and scrape to find and teach people but didn't see too much success in it.  We saw the Mauldin's and I was able to play a guitar for like a minute as another member walked by playing his haha.  He just got a signature Ed Sheeran guitar for like a quarter of the price and that thing was NICE!  We then went to a thrift store and walked around a bit because appointments fell through.  I found a Vader that was like 3 ft tall and debated buying it.  I didn't...but the temptation was real.  We finished up some more busy work for the office and ate and went to Book of Mormon class.  We finally got to correlate with our ward mission leader cause he's been gone for a month or so with his rotations at the hospital.  The doctors in the ward are super busy all the time so it's tough to correlate and talk to him.

Thursday was pretty full.  We saw a less active and threw down on coming to church and the wife actually came!  He even gave us some referrals.  We contacted referrals again and then we taught Louis again but we mostly talked about Africa and the fall of Adam and Eve.  He's from Africa and he told us after our missions he will welcome us into Africa haha.  So dad, you down for Africa? (Dad edit: I guess the rain's down in Africa...sorry I couldn't help it, it's the first thing that came into my mind - God bless you Toto.)  As Shakira says, "it's time for Africa!"

Little Dayton is way too cute!!!
Friday was a LONG weekly planning again.  We stopped by Toney (investigator) and he hurt his back that day but we got to talk with him for a while.  He's reading and said he had an answer to his prayers that he needs to come to church!  We went to Chance's house to teach him and his girlfriend and we think we ran into her...other male friend...She was home alone while Chance was at work and was super cold towards us when a guy from downstairs said he would be over in a few that was awkward.  We also saw the Mauldin family again and were able to sit and talk and commit them to come to church!  Her older daughter was there and doesn't know anything about Mormons.  Well she thought us missionaries were raised on a farm with 10 moms and trained up to be missionaries...yup.  That, I think, is the most hilarious view of Mormon missionaries I have ever heard haha.  She was so confused when we talked about our hobbies like fishing and sports and having lives and going to college haha.  It was a great visit though!  I got to pray with Dayton (the baby Mauldin) and she is the cutest little thing haha.  I'll send the pictures sister Mauldin took!

Mini Vader is my friend.
Saturday was definitely a day.  We had breakfast at a members and then went to see a less active who might start coming back to church!  Also We went through a lot of potentials and had little success, but it was awesome cause we were able to see a bunch of people that we lost contact with.  One guy we saw, Clearance (Dad edit: yes it is really spelled "Clearance")...I think I've talked about him before, but he's insane haha.  He was going off on how he has 5 baby mamas and how his son is gonna be just like him and how he's racist towards black people and all this stuff that Elder Smith and I were crying laughing while he was talking.  I've started a Clearance quotes page haha.  He was telling us how we need to get married and get girls cause we're not meant to be single past age 18 haha.  Oh, and while talking about his baby mamas, his wife was right there...who explained how she gets along with most of the baby mamas but one haha.  We also learned slang ways to talk about money and different names for different amounts.  So that's dope.  We got to see Terry at the hospital and he's been out of it with all the meds he's been on so it wasn't long of a visit.  We saw Chance...yeah his girlfriend was messing around with some other people and he broke it off and drove her to Memphis and left her there with some family hahaha.  We talked with him for a bit and he's doing great, but he got a concussion at work and so we left with a prayer.

Makes total sense...right?
Sunday was fun!  We stopped by Toney's and the Mauldin's before church.  Toney was still hurting but was super sad he couldn't come to church.  We invited the Mauldin family and THEY ALL CAME!!  It was awesome!  It was a good fast and testimony meeting!  We got to see a guy named Donald for a bit but he had stuff to take care of so we went and saw a few potentials with no luck.  We went to Bald Knob about 8 miles out of town to contact some referrals and found 2 new people!  As we were talking to someone we got a call from the sisters saying they had someone for us named Dominic.  We called him and it sounded as if he just wanted money, but as we met with him he is so cool.  He is trying to find a job and wants to leave all bad influences at his ghetto apartment and doesn't smoke or drink cause he hates the affect it has on people.  He even asked to come to church and Book of Mormon class!  We're seeing him Tuesday.  We had dinner with a family and then visited the Duncans.  They're funny and their dogs are so riled up all the time so as we step in he door, we're bombarded with puppy kisses haha.

This week was so good, Elder Smith and I are getting along so great!  I hope all of y'all had a great week and I also hope y'all felt the love of Christ and Heavenly Father!

And as I bid farewell until next week,
2 Corinthians 13:13
13 All the saints salute you.

Love y'all!  Can't wait to hear back!

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