Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Pioneer Day update...apparently it's not a big deal in Arkansas, but heat is.

Missionary fuel...it may have also given them "Fuel."
Monday we ate over at a less actives house and had great conversations about the navy and army and his whole family is super funny.

Tuesday we had district meeting so we went to Cabot for exchanges as well.  Elder Stratton is going home next week, so he wanted to do the mean pig challenge.  What that is: a food challenge on a pulled pork sandwhich that is so spicy, it was made to make you throw up.  He got 4 bites in and called it quits.  His eyes were watering and his nose was runny and it was hilarious hahaha.  So many of us went to watch.  We also found a lady who was a former RLDS member but thought it was bad and wants the truth and asked us to come teach her!  We walked a bit and didn't find anyone until we had Book of Mormon class where we taught the plan of salvation to a gator.  It was cool cause we used the videos on LDS.org and they work so great!  She totally had her answers to her questions.  We played volleyball afterward.

Hmmm...looks suspicious...
Wednesday was cool.  We found a new gator for Jacksonville elders and returned in time for a dinner with the Easters.  She needed a blessing as well because she was going to see a Church of Christ preacher and teach him about our beliefs.  She wanted help with knowledge on what to say so I hope her blessing helped!  They live somewhere called Harding Place, it's a church of Christ owned old people home where we get weird looks.  Well, we laid sod for them last week and help them a lot so the executive manager there gave us Minister Meal Cards.  Basically, we can eat for free at any time!  It's awesome!  We had BOM class and I got to play Laman in a skit!  I'll send the video.  We played basketball and had a good night.

Thursday we went on an exchange with the Quitman elders.  It's one of our more worried areas, so we went to boost them.  Not much happened, saw a less active and a couple others who didn't answer.  Life of a missionary.  It's a tough area, but not as bad as it's made out to be.  We went to Walmart that night (yes mom, I got my shaker cup...it has the star spangled on it) and ran into a couple guys from Utah!  They didn't wanna hear our message, but they were cool.

Soooo close, but missed it by that much!
Friday started off with exercise in the morning.  Quitman plays disc golf in the mornings so I got to go with them and a member.  I suck at it...but it was fun!  I got back to our area and weekly planned and made cookies for members after trying some people and eating dinner.  Literally no one was home.  Not one answer.  Well, actually we did get one answer.  It consisted of the lady opening the door, laughing...then said no and slammed the door.  Rough day.

Saturday was actually really taxing.  We walked all day and it was 99 degrees but the heat index said it felt like 110.  So we got super dehydrated and tired.  We just got rejection after rejection after rejection haha.  It wasn't the best day.  Lots of things just didn't go our way, but it's okay!  It didn't break us!  We had some tender mercies where some people came and gave us rides and lots of people gave us water.  So that was really cool.  We saw the Gonzer family again and they want to get back to church!  They want us to get their son on a mission.  He plays guitar so I'm gonna try to connect with him on that.  Shout out to Miranda for breaking my 14 week dry spell of letters!

Pretty boys.
Sunday was another day of desperate finding.  We found 3 new people!  One was the husband of the lady from California last week, he's super cool.  We're hopefully going back later this week.  He gladly accepted a Book of Mormon and to learn more.  We have been trying a lot of our potentials lately and so we started knocking the areas around them.  We found a guy who is a Church of Christ member, but accepted a Book of Mormon and a return appointment.  We also found a lady chillin with her dog and we taught the restoration and got an appointment as well.  Bishop Webb had us over again, he is from Arizona so we talked a bit about stuff back home.  It's been so cool how many people are from there!  We also gave cookies to another member family named the Ryans.  They're super cool and their daughter has a thing about slapping butts and slapped mine haha.  Her mom was so embarrassed haha I had to explain how it's totally a normal thing in our household and it was just super funny!  Their other daughter made us a banana pudding pie by herself, it was so good!  Fun fact, the Ryans had their honeymoon in Sedona and spent their first Sunday married in a church in Flagstaff!  They also got and watched their first movie as a married couple in flagstaff...Cool Runnings haha.  It was funny the little details that made me laugh.

Don't we all?
Not a bad week!  Tough, but we saw some good miracles.  I'm worn and tired after every night and I'm exhausted right now, but I'm gonna keep on truckin!  Love y'all guys!  Can't wait to hear back!

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