Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Shark Week - there was lots of REALLY GOOD stuff happen this past week! Coincidence? I think not!

How can anyone say no to these guys??
Monday we went hiking on a place called Sugarloaf!  You have to rock climb up it at the last part so it was awesome!  Sister Hall decided to jump to a plateau and couldn't get back so she had to climb down and up again with all our help.  But it was great!

Tuesday we went to Brinkley's district meeting and it was great.  Elder Gonzales is a great district leader!  He goes home in September but is probably the least trunky missionary I know.  I exchanged with Elder Paopao and we had a blast!  We saw a less active and tried a bunch of potentials but no one wanted to hear it.  We went with a priest who was super funny and knew a lot about the missionaries in this mission.  We went out and got pizza cause it was late and we were starving before we headed to Volleyball, we each ate half and headed out.  We won like 4 games of volleyball so that was dope.

Wednesday before exchanging back, Elder Paopao and I got more pizza and then we went to go see a guy who served in the mission that Elder Smith's hometown is in.  He even served in the town he's from hahaha.  They talked a bit and caught up on people there.  We came back and went and gave a blessing to a girl who was in the ER and then headed to Book of Mormon class and taught for like 10 minutes before having to leave for a lesson with bishop.  The guy wasn't home so we went and got smoothies haha.  We then had a Skype conference call to end off the night.

Thursday we had MLC and I gained huge respect for President Hansen.  He threw down on disobedience and had a few great quotes that made me very happy!  Haha I got to see Elder Edwards again and Elder Pickering!  He was on exchanges and got to come.  We role-played knocking doors and I guess my approaches aren't as spiritual as people would like...I started off one with "Hi!  We're the Mormon missionaries and I only have 1 mom!"  So I guess I need to be better haha.  We came back and gave another blessing to a guy who's not a member, it was awesome!  After the blessing he was in tears thanking us and we gave him a Book of Mormon and he asked us to keep coming back.

What most people think happens at a Mormon church...
Friday we moved a new couple into the ward, they're dope!  He served his mission in Poland and was telling bunch of funny stories.  He's in rotations at the hospital here for a couple years.  Then we had a long weekly planning session so that we could plan if Elder Smith leaves.  We walked that day and found a bunch of new people to teach.  One in our apartment complex who told us to come by every Friday!  We saw a couple investigators and went finding again and found a dude named Denny while he was working on a car.  We talked a bit with him then his friend pulled up who told a rather...odd backstory haha but he then told us we don't need to read the Bible cause the "bible is in us!"  Which is easily rebuked by John 5:39 but it's whatever haha.  We saw the Mauldin's and they gave us surprise pizza!  Just so you know, that was my second or third actual meal this week haha.  We haven't had much food lately but we make due, I had a lot of bacon and milk haha.

It's good to have friends!
Saturday we helped move a family out of their house.  That was fun cause they gave us $15 to subway!  We also found out neither of us are transferred!  Elder Smith is officially my second companion I've had for more than 1 transfer haha.  My first since elder Edwards...my trainer haha.  But we got the subway and then hit the road and found a couple new people again.  It was such a successful week with new investigators!. We went and taught a returning member's girlfriend.

Too cool for school...but not for a mission!
Sunday was great, we got a gator to come to church!  We were expecting like 5, but 1 is a huge success!  It was that members girlfriend so that's awesome.  She stayed for all 3 hours and loved it!  Sister Duncan came too!  It's her first time in so long.  We had a potluck afterwards and I slayed the food haha.  We saw Terry, he's the guy we gave a blessing.  He reminded us it's shark week so I got super sad...cause I can't watch it haha but it was on in his room so we talked about shark week and set up another time to see him on Tuesday.  We went to a referral from the sisters in a sketchy part of town...we tell the sisters to not go there for their safety cause people here are very rude and disrespectful to women.  But we went and he wasn't there but we talked to a lady who...liked women...but she asked us for money so we gave her the million dollar message of the restoration haha.  We visited the Duncan's and had a great time as we talked.  I love them so much haha.  Elder Goaslind is being transferred as a ZL in Russellville.  That was Elder Edwards' last area haha.  But it's sad to see him go.  He stayed the night last night to save miles for the trip to Little Rock today.

Love this kid's smile!
It was an amazing week!  I loved it and the work is picking up so much!  We can't wait for this transfer and I hope and pray that Elder Dawson is trained in my zone!  I love all of y'all and can't wait to hear back from ya!

Also, don't try to rationalize sin, cause "rationalizing is knocking on the doors to hell!" -  President Hansen

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