Monday, August 14, 2017

Star Wars is dope, tarantulas aren't...Edwards and Adair ride again...HUMP DAY!

Kai and Elder Miller
Monday we went fishing.  I caught a little small mouth and that was it.  Freakin' Smith caught 2 crappies and 6 bass!  But he also stepped in a seed tick nest.

Tuesday we saw Dominic and learned he has some concerns haha.  He needs some monetary assistance haha.  We saw the Foust family and had a good discussion!  We're gonna try to answer more concerns next week.  We just figured out stuff for a stake correlation the rest of the night.

Wednesday was Zone Conference so we got to hear from President and Sister Hansen as well as the AP's.  Elder Cowley had a great instruction!  He told us to ask ourselves, "Why did I come out on a mission," and "Why am I still here?" Those kinda hit me and made me think pretty darn hard.  That was the one thing that really stuck out to me as we then talked about the importance of finding.  We instructed on making finding spiritual and finding by the spirit.  My instructing is trash so I couldn't tell ya how it went.  We had interviews and a stake correlation meeting.  Good day.

Brotherly reminders rule!
Thursday was my year mark!  Been 365 days since I entered them Provo MTC doors!  Been weird to think its already been that long!  We went on exchanges with Beebe and we were able to set a date with one of their investigators and teach a recent convert.  Good day.  We exchanged back and then went on another exchange with Jacksonville.

Friday we got to tract in the rain, which turned into blazing humid heat.  So that was fun.  No one answered and we exchanged back and went and saw Louis and had a great lesson on the spirit world.

Saturday was pretty dope, it was my technical hump day. We planned a lot for the Blitz with all the missionaries coming up and cleaned up around the apartment before heading out to see Dominic, who wasn't we invited every investigator we could to Stake conference that day through calls and texts!  No one showed...but we did all we could.  We went on the blitz and I went with Elder Edwards!  We can't do an exchange with them due to mile cuts, so we just blitzed.  It was great!  Got some new potentials and had a blast catching up!  We went to conference where Elder Barron and I talked a bit, I sure do love that kid.  It was good.  5 other elders stayed the night that night due to distance so we had a grand ole time.

Does my butt look big?
He did see a tarantula and all...
Sunday was cool.  We had Stake conference again and I felt a little out of place as no one really talked to me, member wise and missionary wise, but I was able to stay awake.  We came back early from conference cause our ride wanted to beat the rush, so we missed the missionary social :/ but it's okay cause we got lunch!  But we got back and planned a bit and saw a member named Brother Benson and boy is that guy hilarious hahaha.  Lots of great stuff and we invited him to church and had a spiritual thought and his friend walked in and asked if we could teach him and his wife!  We also got in contact with a potential who said we could come by.  We then headed out to dinner with the Free family.  They have a bunch of turtles and animals.  He also has a bunch of Star Wars stuff so he's dope!  He also has a tarantula so I never went to the back room again.

Well we're going turtle hunting today so I'll be a bit busy so I'll get back to y'all when I'm done!  Love y'all tons and see ya in a year!
It's a kitten fish...

Kings Do King Things
Goin' Buck Wild

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